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5 Brown Leather Laptop Bag Options

Next to the classic black bag , a brown leather laptop bag is probably just as popular.

Brown might be even more versatile than black because there are many shades, from tan right to the dark chocolates.  Here are 5 brown leather laptop bags that are sure to capture the right shade for you.

The Fremont 125

this is a natural vegetable tanned tan brown leather laptop bag with a brass buckle strap.  This leather fades and patinas to a beautiful darker golden brown tan.

natural vegetable tanned brown leather laptop bag

The Maxwell

A bit more rustic but still in the tan brown family is this supple thick harness brown leather laptop bag.

rustic tan brown leather laptop bag


The Enoch

right in the middle is this medium brown bridle leather bag that comes with a beautiful dark green suede lining.  The brass hardware sits really nice on this shade.


brown leather laptop bag


The Verrier

This is considered the same medium brown as the one above but this tannery use a different shinier top coat to get this shade.  We discontinued this shades because it is hard to get but if you really wanted it we could look around and maybe find it or similar from a vendor.

brown leather laptop bag medium


The Wallace

Now, this case is a beautiful dark chocolate brown leather laptop bag with a sand suede lining that makes the inside pop open.

dark brown leather laptop bag