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Briefcase For Women

A briefcase for women is not that different from a briefcase for men because if you have a need for a briefcase you are in some sort of professional setting and that is really what dictates the style.  In my opinion, nothing too flashy or trendy is always best.  Something that is classic but stands out so here are a few briefcase for women ideas.

The Fremont

This is a great briefcase for women because it has that classic buckle strap style with a thin flat handle and made from a sweet smelling supple natural tan leather.  There is an outside pocket that is perfect for a tablet or phone and the inside is left naturally unlined for a durable get it wet let it dry bag that will last.


The Hera

This is a smaller and wider medium size bridle leather briefcase for women at 13″ x 9″ x 2″ that sits comfortable in the hand.  It has two wide brass buckle straps and a nice English toast suede lining.


Wallace – Blue Suede

Now this Wallace briefcase is a classic English style full-size case with a blue suede lining.  It has some leather weight to it but it will last and the vegetable tanned leather will patina beautifully while giving you that hint of blue suede color.