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Classic Lawyer Briefcases

tan lawyer briefcase

After many years of custom hand making lawyer briefcases, I’ve learned a thing or two about what attorneys need in a bag.  They want a briefcase that will be timeless, durable and easy to use.  The flap over style briefcase is classic and that means it will still be stylistically relevant in a professional setting for generations to come.  I hand stitch authentic vegetable tanned harness or bridle leather and offer a lifetime warranty so that lawyer briefcase is made durable and will be around for decades.  Here are my choices of popular lawyer briefcases I made for attorneys around the world and many from my hometown in New York City.

Habermas – Lawyer Briefcase

A simple durable classic style with my latch design originally made with all the feedback I would get from attorneys.  No locks to break or hard to open buckles.  A simple latch does the trick for the multiple times per day you are in and out of the bag.

I’ve made this briefcase style for lawyers from here in NYC to Mongolia, for corporate presidents, politicians and even celebrities like for Tilman Fertitta the host of Billion Dollar Buyer on the left, me on the right.

lawyer briefcase marcellino

Verrier 1203 Black Matt

lawyer briefcase buckle strap

Do you like the way good real saddlery leather fades, like good shoes?  The 1203 in black matt bridle leather is the lawyer’s briefcase for you.  It is made with this beautiful authentic thick bridle leather that comes fresh with the waxes still blooming on the skin.  As time goes by, the dies and patina set into the fibers and the skin fades like an old saddle.  No other material wears as nice, maybe you can say jeans and canvas, but real vegetable tanned leather outlasts them all and looks great in the process.

The Verrier is similar to my Habermas except that is has a buckle.  I include a roller buckle that really makes a difference in speed of opening and along with the double lined strap keeps it from curling like soft chromium tanned leather.  If you like to bulk out the bag with an occasional sweater or just style with it and carry nothing, you can adjust how tight or fat you want to make the flap with the strap.

Classic Lawyer Briefcase – The Alfred Wallace

One of my older styles that I still make today is the Alfred Wallace briefcase.  It is just a very popular classic English briefcase style.  I use UK or American bridle leather. a vintage style solid brass tube key lock from the last UK maker that makes bag locks, and double removable straps.  Some have pockets inside and out and other styles do not.  I’ve lined this briefcase with suede, regular leather and left it alone with the traditional no lining.

Brown American bridle leather

sand suede lining with pockets inside and out

brown bridle leather lawyers briefcase

Chocolate American bridle leather

sand suede lining with pockets inside and out

chocolate bridle leather lawyers briefcase

Chestnut American bridle leather

no lining, back newspaper pocket

chestnut english bridle leather lawyer briefcase


Chestnut American bridle leather

blue suede lining, inside pockets

blue suede lined chestnut lawyer briefcase


Dark Green UK English bridle leather

no lining

green english bridle leather lawyer briefcase


Dark Brown UK English bridle leather

no lining, back newspaper pocket

dark brown English bridle leather briefcase

London Tan UK English bridle leather

Army suede lining with pockets inside and out

london tan english bridle leather lawyers briefcase


American Alligator

Red suede lining

alligator leather lawyers briefcase English