Choosing The Right Briefcase

Style Is In The Briefcase

A briefcase is as part of a professional man or women's wardrobe and style as any dress, suit or shoes.   It is something that should be considered carefully because it will represent who you are to the world.  I've made bespoke briefcases for probably every type of professional from lawyers, Judges and barristers around the world to doctors, executives, politicians, and celebrities.   Here are some of the more popular styles I've made for my clients.

Building For A Budget

Contact me to discuss your budget limitations.  I can suggest different types of leather, leave pockets off, no straps, maybe something that is in stock and on sale or just a different way to approach your goal with your budget restrictions.

Authentic English Strap Briefcase Styles

You can not go wrong with a classic front strap briefcase design.  These things do not seem to go out of style and that is a good thing.  Professionals were carrying this strap style for over 50 years and will probably still be carried for another.  The round English locks are brass, handmade and come from England.  These strap cases look incredible and get a lot of attention.  There is nothing like a real authentic hand stitched bridle leather strapped briefcase on earth.  These things are hard to make with bridle leather so you will not see them imported from China.  I haven't even seen a maker doing this traditional style from Italy and they have some incredible leather craftsman.  This is an English tradition and only a hand full of good professional craftsman still exist.  I've seen a few from Japan do this style and I think I'm the only one that makes them this authentic in America.    This is why I consider them a Work Of Art.  

Marcellino Latch "the Attorneys" Briefcases Style


You're an attorney and you're in and out of your briefcase more times in a day than a teenager on a date pulling her phone out to check her messages.  I know how you feel and that is why I designed the Marcellino Latch.   You want something saddlery and classic that won't break.  A buckle is great but you know after the third time of unbuckling in an hour your tossing the case out the door.  Don't even mention a "fake buckle" with a cheap thumb catch underneath.  That is not innovative design, that is just what happened to your grandfather's briefcase in the eighties when cheap leather met a flood of imported knockoffs.  For some reason that design still persists, but not here.  Get a real Traditional Buckle Briefcase or a well built modern Thumb Catch Quick Release Briefcase, and leave the knockoffs to the stationary stores.   

The Marcellino latch design is classic and goes perfect with bridle leather briefcases and the flap-over style.  It is strong like a buckle but easier to use.  The more weight you put inside the bag, the tighter the latch becomes.

The Classic Buckle Strap Briefcase

Some call it a satchel but briefcase has always sounded more, stronger to me.  The buckle on a leather bag is the oldest form of closure.  It is simple, strong and durable.  Slam it against the wall and nothing breaks.  Stuff hundreds of pounds in the bag and the seams will rip before the buckle breaks and that says a lot because my hand stitched seams are tough.  It's a buckle and will always be relevant.  If you are unsure how you would do with any Latch or Lock design get a buckle strap briefcase.