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Leather Backpack – Is It Professional?

Leather Backpack

I haven’t made many leather backpack designs.  Mainly because I have always made briefcases and I don’t really like the traditional schoolboy leather backpack design for a professional man.  I’m not talking about canvas hiking backpacks that serve a good outdoor purpose, I’m talking about that old school design made from an expensive leather.  I tend to not make things I don’t like so you will probably not see a traditional leather backpack from the Marcellino brand.  If you are a professional and you’re in the city I understand you want something on your back, so I will suggest the Briefcase Leather Backpack.  I think it is more practical for a professional and doesn’t limit you to that one schoolboy style.

This is the schoolboy leather backpack I am referring too and do not suggest for a professional.

leather backpack

Briefcase Leather Backpack

Basically, we can take any existing leather briefcase style and add rings on the back and double straps to make it a leather backpack.  The rings have a very limited footprint so know one would even know it is a backpack and that is the point.

leather backpack close up leather backpack black and chestnut


the great thing about this design is that the briefcase can also be carried on the shoulder

shoulder leather backpack


you can use one of the backpack straps since it is shorter to carry it high on the shoulder

shoudler high leather backpack

leather backpack brass rings

no straps leather backpack rings leather backpack straps side view leather backpack top view leather backpack leather backpack black