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Leather Handbags You Will Die To Get

suede leather handbags

One cold winter’s night on the north shore of Long Island I had these faint dancing images in my head that would not let me fully sleep. All day I played with the idea of creating a new leather handbag style, but the winter of 2016 was so cold it left my bones and ideas frozen.  I tried putting leather pieces together to form something new and every bag exploded against my shop wall.  You see, that’s what happens to the bags that make me angry, I toss them hard and make them feel my neglect.

My mind was just blocked for the whole winter.  I couldn’t create a leather bracelet let alone a leather handbag, but then one night when I went to bed ideas poured into me like an open faucet.  The next day I didn’t even think because my hands started to build a leather handbag style I never made before.  I usually worked with English bridle or vegetable tanned leather to construct the bodies of my bags but this time I had my eye on suede as the whole bag.


The Belladonna

I had this beautiful English toast suede hide sitting around my shop for months.   I could not decide what to make with it so I thought eventually one of my briefcase customers would want to use it for a lining.  I’m telling you, my hands worked without my mind that day and I came up with this leather handbag shape.  I was going to use a flat handle but decided on the brass handle at the last minute, I think it gives it a sense of uniqueness.

leather handbags english toast suede

leather handbags suede toast


The Willow

I had more suede left so my hands did not stop with the belladonna even though at that point I was flushed with great emotions of what I just made.   I loved the turquoise buckle with the hand dyed veg tanned leather strap, the small size, and everything.  I had another turquoise buckle similar to the belladonna so I made this leather handbag with a strap long enough to be a shoulder bag.

leather handbag shoulder bag


Both of these leather handbags are among my prized styles, they are tough to make but well worth the effort.