English Bridle Leather

Vegetable tanning leather is the oldest form of making leather and English bridle is a finishing that is traditionally very waxy, thick, heavy and stiff that takes awhile to soften.   During certain climates and drier environments the waxes in the leather "bloom" to the surface in a haze.  This highly sort after effect authenticates true English style bridle leather.  You buff it out with a cloth and oil conditioner.

We only use Grade A full grain vegetable tanned English bridle leather from American tanneries and upon request imported UK English bridle leather depending on availability.

The USA and UK bridle leather are very similar.  Both come from the same high-quality steer leather.  The UK bridle leather is stiffer, waxier and has a greasy top coat, eventually, when it softens and gets drier it becomes similar to the American bridle leather you would get new.    

The USA and UK bridle leather colors are similar except the London Tan as you see below, but again when the UK London tan darkens and patinas it would come close to the USA London tan. 

The UK bridle leather is imported and may have an upcharge depending on availability.  Some colors like the Green, Blue and Red are very hard to get so they might not even be available. 

Wickett & Craig USA Tannery

English bridle leather

Drum dyed and hot stuffed, English Bridle is smooth, flexible yet durable. Beautifully crafted with a flawless, even surface, 

Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is a world premiere vegetable tannery. A labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers, veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, exquisite leathers recognized for their depth of color and rich patina. Simply put our leathers not only endure, but get better with age.  Originally from Toronto, Canada, today Wickett & Craig calls Curwensville, Pennsylvania home, making it one of the only specialty vegetable tanneries in the U.S.A.

JE Sedgwick UK Tannery

Traditional English bridle leather

Hand-finished in Walsall with an open grain texture. This smooth surfaced material originally purpose made for equestrian use, has a high shine finish due to the care and attention it receives as it works its way through the various Sedgwick processes. This supple leather allows you to be creative and to suit your vision, which makes it an incredibly easy and pleasurable product to work with. Mainly for equestrian craftwork and belts.

J & E Sedgwick & Co. was founded in 1900 and moved into their Walsall site in 1954. At the time Walsall was the capital of leather for equestrian goods. In more recent years (10-15 years), they have spanned into the small fashion goods sector. The company along with William Clarke, joined The Clayton Leather Group in 2015.


Other types of leather available

Wickett & Craig Tannery USA

Clayton of Chesterfield Tannery

JE Sedgwick Tannery