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Product Description

This hand-stitched work of art is crafted with a supple English toast suede on a structured frame.  Joseph uses a beautiful turquoise thread to match the turquoise copper buckle, lines the inside with suede, hand dyes the strap with a matching saddle tan and uniquely makes it a Marcellino bag with our hand carved brass handle.

Comes in a variety of different colors

There are 2 variations for this bag.

Brass Handle – These handles are hard to find and we have a limited amount of each design.  If you order and we run out we will let you know the other options.

Flat Stitched handle –  If you do not want the brass handle we can make a flat stitched handle to substitute and include top rings with a thin veg tan adjustable shoulder strap 23″ drop.

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Brass handle, flat handle & shoulder strap