Leather Briefcases




In keeping with that classic English satchel double strap look, we added double Marcellino latches to our standard bridle leather briefcase.  We placed the shoulder strap rings on the side so our signature bottom cross stitch handle sits nice and clean on top.  There is a newspaper pocket on the back for devices or magazines and a standard set of inside pockets.  A supple durable dark green suede lining not only transforms the inside, with the hand stitched leather wrapped edges but also adds color to the outside by lining the shoulder strap.

Style differences between the Russell 1051 and 1052

  • The newspaper pocket is on the inside of the 1052 style and outside of the 1051
  • The inside edges are wrapped with leather on the 1051 and coated with paint on the 1052
  • The 1051 has green suede and the 1052 has sand suede

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 16 x 6 in
Leather Color

Chestnut, London tan, Black, Brown


Silver, Brass