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The Unconventional Leather Holdall

I know a traditional leather holdall is duffel shaped and made with softer leather, but what if they were made with a more classic durable vegetable tanned leather?  What if they had a strong Italian made metal rim to keep the mouth open?  What if they were lined in a supple durable green suede?  What if they were hand stitched with an ancient method called saddle stitch that is more stronger than the machine stitch?  What if the leather has hand dyed to give a beautiful fade when the bag starts to age?  And what if the shape stayed closer to a briefcase so you can actually use this in a professional setting?  What would that leather holdall look like?

The Woodhull Leather Holdall

When I made this bag I thought of the professional needing a weekend bag to bring to the office so he/she could get away right after work.  It had to be somewhat representable in an office and a duffle just seems like you are going to the gym so I tried to keep the shape as close as I could to a briefcase.  The Woodhull leather holdall has the same briefcase dimensions of 16″ x 12″ but with a huge 8″ opening.

I use this beautiful Italian-made antique brass frame that is coated with a shiny lacquer and has knobs that pinch down on the frame to close tight.  There is also a latch to put a key lock perfect for travel.  The inside and the shoulder strap is lined with green suede to make this very elegant when it open and the edges are coated for protection.  The vegetable tanned leather assures this ages and patinas incredible.

It is not a traditional duffle leather holdall but it is a weekender, briefcase hybrid.

tan leather holdall with green strap

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