Weight of A Bag

The Weight of A Bag

Bridle Leather Bags

Most of our bridle leather briefcases are made the traditional way with thick full grain steer vegetable tanned leather that is long lasting and patinas with age.  The strongest part of the leather hide is on the top, the full complete grain.  This is our ancestors leather and the way we make these briefcases is our ancestor’s style – thick, heavy and long lasting.

The average bridle leather double section briefcase is about 4 pound.  Adding the extras like a leather lining and straps add more weight.

Heavy is not for everyone

We can use custom thinner bridle leather or other types of thinner leather depending on availability and build the same briefcase or bag with a cardboard barrier.   Most modern structured leather bags are made this way.  This will give you the same structure, but without the weight.

Here is a briefcase made with lighter vegetable tanned leather with a leather lining but it has the cardboard barrier to give it the same shape as out bridle leather briefcases.

Here are structured handbags made with thin leather