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Briefcase For Women

A briefcase for women is not that different from a briefcase for men because if you have a need for a briefcase you are in some sort of professional setting and that is really what dictates the style.  In my opinion, nothing too flashy or trendy is always best.  Something that is classic but stands out so here are a few briefcase for women ideas.

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Leather Backpack – Is It Professional?

Leather Backpack

I haven’t made many leather backpack designs.  Mainly because I have always made briefcases and I don’t really like the traditional schoolboy leather backpack design for a professional man.  I’m not talking about canvas hiking backpacks that serve a good outdoor purpose, I’m talking about that old school design made from an expensive leather.  I tend to not make things I don’t like so you will probably not see a traditional leather backpack from the Marcellino brand.  If you are a professional and you’re in the city I understand you want something on your back, so I will suggest the Briefcase Leather Backpack.  I think it is more practical for a professional and doesn’t limit you to that one schoolboy style.

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Leather Wallets American Made Horween Leather

leather wallets horween marcellino ny

The majority of leather manufacturing has long gone overseas for a number of reason including labor costs and environmental regulations.  The handful of major American tanneries that are left has learned to deal with these issues because they have been consistently producing a high-quality product.  They are based out of Chicago and the tannery that I use to make my simple vegetable tanned leather wallets.

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The Unconventional Leather Holdall

I know a traditional leather holdall is duffel shaped and made with softer leather, but what if they were made with a more classic durable vegetable tanned leather?  What if they had a strong Italian made metal rim to keep the mouth open?  What if they were lined in a supple durable green suede?  What if they were hand stitched with an ancient method called saddle stitch that is more stronger than the machine stitch?  What if the leather has hand dyed to give a beautiful fade when the bag starts to age?  And what if the shape stayed closer to a briefcase so you can actually use this in a professional setting?  What would that leather holdall look like?

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Classic Lawyer Briefcases

tan lawyer briefcase

After many years of custom hand making lawyer briefcases, I’ve learned a thing or two about what attorneys need in a bag.  They want a briefcase that will be timeless, durable and easy to use.  The flap over style briefcase is classic and that means it will still be stylistically relevant in a professional setting for generations to come.  I hand stitch authentic vegetable tanned harness or bridle leather and offer a lifetime warranty so that lawyer briefcase is made durable and will be around for decades.  Here are my choices of popular lawyer briefcases I made for attorneys around the world and many from my hometown in New York City.

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Leather Handbags You Will Die To Get

suede leather handbags

One cold winter’s night on the north shore of Long Island I had these faint dancing images in my head that would not let me fully sleep. All day I played with the idea of creating a new leather handbag style, but the winter of 2016 was so cold it left my bones and ideas frozen.  I tried putting leather pieces together to form something new and every bag exploded against my shop wall.  You see, that’s what happens to the bags that make me angry, I toss them hard and make them feel my neglect.

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Leather Laptop Messenger Bags

chestnut leather briefcase

Computers are expensive devices so we recommend you buy a well made high-quality leather laptop messenger bag to protect your items.  Canvas material just doesn’t last or really protect the device correctly.  Good thick leather adds a great level of protection and gives you a professional style.  Our Marcellino leather laptop messenger bags also come with plenty of pockets and the ability to customize them and a thick leather shoulder strap that will feel comfortable and last a long time.  Here are some perfect suggestions that will help to protect your computer with style.

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Bear Guard Original Review by A Master Leather Craftsman

Bear Guard Original 

I appreciate that they give an ingredients list of Beeswax and bear Grease, but since i have given up or am trying to minimize touching animal oil of any kind i am staying away from this leather conditioner.  It is a wax based conditioner roughly the same price as mine my Marcellino Leather Feed but instead of the bear parts i use coconut and almond oil to soften the wax and feed the leather.  Much better on my skin since i am touching it and smells better too.  if you do not care about smelling or touching animal oil then the bear grease or neatsfoot for that matter would be fine for your leather goods.