Bulletproof Leather Briefcase


Testing #1 of the Dyneema Ballistic leather briefcase shield

This is the bulletproof fabric material


Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-03 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-01

Ok, so we tested “normal” bullets that are easily available like the 9mm, 357 Mag and 44 Mag and they were all stopped. This was shot from a close range about 6′.
The first 357 mag we shot in the center was not stopped because we did a cross stitch on the pad and the bullet hit the line. We realized that the stitching weakened the pad and that was our first lesson. The next generation will not have the cross stitch. We shot the pad further up in a non stitched part and the pad completely stopped the bullet.
The pad was also tested with a highly specialized and not easily available 9mm +P+ bullet that is very fast. We didn’t expect it to be stopped because no soft armor can stop these very fast bullets. That was at the lower left corner.

Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-06 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-07 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-08 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-05 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-09 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-10 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-11 Marcellino-bulletproof-briefcase-12