Briefcase Reviews

Briefcase For Women

A briefcase for women is not that different from a briefcase for men because if you have a need for a briefcase you are in some sort of professional setting and that is really what dictates the style.  In my opinion, nothing too flashy or trendy is always best.  Something that is classic but stands out so here are a few briefcase for women ideas.

Tote Bags for Women

The best thing about my leather totes are that they are custom made for you.  Choose the right handle drop, how wide you want the bag, pockets inside and out, lining and even the type of leather.

Leather Backpack

Leather Backpack – Is It Professional?

I haven’t made many leather backpack designs.  Mainly because I have always made briefcases and I don’t really like the traditional schoolboy leather backpack design for a professional man.  I’m not talking about canvas hiking backpacks that serve a good outdoor purpose, I’m talking about that old school design made from an expensive leather.  I tend to not make things I don’t like so you will probably not see a traditional leather backpack from the Marcellino …

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leather wallets horween marcellino ny

Leather Wallets American Made Horween Leather

The majority of leather manufacturing has long gone overseas for a number of reason including labor costs and environmental regulations.  The handful of major American tanneries that are left has learned to deal with these issues because they have been consistently producing a high-quality product.  They are based out of Chicago and the tannery that I use to make my simple vegetable tanned leather wallets.