My leather Briefcase Can Stop a 357 Magnum Bullet, What Can Yours Do?

Not only do I want to build beautiful looking leather briefcases but also building them to last a long time is my goal, maybe even through war.  I once made an English briefcase for a business man that also owned a gun store on the west coast and he asked if I ever considered bulletproofing one of my styles.  I was intrigued and started to design.

Do You Really Need A Shoulder Strap For A Business Briefcase?

Sure they are practical.  They take the weight off your hands, especially when walking around in the city, but do you really need one for a men’s leather business briefcase?  If you’re one of those bearded type dudes that carry canvas or nylon bags for a hike, ok, you sold me.  If you’re a bike messenger with a bag strapped on your back, tattooed sleeves and those gloves with fingers cut out, now you got a look.  If you’re …

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The Ultimate American Briefcase

Briefcase: The Maxwell What makes the ultimate briefcase?  Superior leather and craftsmanship.  Both are expensive and both industries have left Ameria a long time ago, but there are still a few quality American made tanneries and leather craftsman left.   Yes, I am one of those rare leather craftsmen that love and is dedicated to this artform.