Shedding light on mens fashion in a real way

I had a great chat with Barton the creative director over at Lumina clothing and the opportunity to ask questions about some great bow ties and what does Lumina mean.  Look, I love words and the more meaningful the word the more I love them and Lumina sits on me like poetic light opening the mind.

Classic Professional Jackets Made In California

I am obsessed with the origin of material, especially with luxury goods.  I like to be conscious of what I wear, how it is produced, where it comes from and all that good feeling stuff that makes an ethical conscious consumer.   I want to know that my footprints on this planet don’t just stomp through the world,  so when I reached out to Shaun from HonourMark for an interview and learned that his beautiful California …

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From Hand Sewn Trousers to Hand Dyed Sweaters

Wolf vs Goat has a unique clean modern style onto its own.  They make high-quality American and Italian-made clothes based in Washington DC.  I don’t remember when they first came on my radar, but I can tell what really caught my eye these Brown Plaid Trousers.  All wool, hand assembled fly and waist curtain and made in USA.