The Original Marcellino Latch

The Marcellino Latch is a Signature Design originally created for my attorney clients many years ago.  It is a simple, easy and very strong way to close a briefcase.  My first clients were lawyers all over New York.  They wanted a fine handmade authentic style classic bridle leather briefcase to represent who they were, so they would work closely with me to construct a bespoke piece.  They wear a suit all day, meeting with clients or in court so they needed something professional, durable, and above all easy to open and close.  After many strength tests, style variations, and customer feedback I have created The Marcellino Latch Design, the only strong and classic like a buckle mechanism that is much easier to open and close.

The Marcellino latch design was so popular that it gained the attention of the CNBC TV show Billion Dollar Buyer. When Tilman Fertita, the Billionaire owner of Landry’s corporation, The Golden Nugget Hotels and The Houston Rockets personally evaluated the design at the Marcellino workshop, he loved the latch so much that he placed a $140,000.00 order for handbags and briefcases with the Marcellino latch.  These negotiations can be seen on the TV Show.

Latch and Loop Styles

Any of these styles can be used for any Latch briefcase, if it doesn’t come with it already just make a note of which one you prefer.  The leather wrap on the latch bar is removable.

No Loop

A clean and simple with no loop to get in the way. This is how the original Marcellino latch briefcases were made. If the bag is empty the latch might rattle loose, but when the bag is full the latch just tightens.

Stitched Button Loop

So you don't want the latch to maybe rattle loose and you don't want to deal with a loop, we recommend the newer Stitched in button loop. Keeps it simple and easy to use with a permanent stitched leather loop that attaches to a button knob.

Snap on Loop

The snap on loop wedges behind the bottom part of the latch and opens with a snap really easy, but the loop can come out of the wedge. Some people might like that because they don't want to use the loop all the time, especially when the bag is full, but beware you can misplace that loop.

Loop and Chain

The main way to make sure you do not misplace the loop is by adding a chain to it and attaching it to the top part. This style takes some getting used to but you will have the flexibility of removing the loop when needed.