The Marcellino Latch is a Signature Style originally created for my attorney clients many years ago.  It is a simple, easy and very strong way to close a briefcase.  My first clients were lawyers all over New York.  They wanted a fine handmade authentic style classic bridle leather briefcase to represent who they were, so they would work closely with me to construct a bespoke piece.  They wear a suit all day, meeting with clients or in court so they needed something professional, durable, and above all easy to open and close.  After many strength tests, style variations, and customer feedback we have created The Marcellino Latch Design, the only strong and classic like a buckle mechanism that is much easier to open and close.

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The newer styles will have a button loop around the latch

and a hand stitched leather wrap.  This is meant mainly for show and is removable.