Standard Inside Flat Pockets

Mobile pocket 4″ x 5″, pen loops, card holder and key loop. Accessories not included


The Back Newspaper Pocket



Extra Handle Support Bar

Bridle leather is thick and very durable so a bar under the handle is not usually needed unless you know you will be carrying heavy weight or you want the box rigid top flap shape.

Removable Buckle Straps

This modification transforms the entire briefcase and you see it on many of our styles. It’s great to store a newspaper in the back, an umbrella or a sweater. These straps also serve the purpose of extra security, especially with a center lock or latch.


Front Stitched Straps

This style lines the the back side of the front removable buckle straps and carefully stitches them to bring out the detail and refinement. Each strap is like having a hand stitched lined belt.

front straps stitched


Inside Wrapped Edges