March 8 2019 - opened workshop in East Setauket

Classiques Modernes Article

6/1/17 – The New York Real Estate and Luxury Lifestyle magazine had an interview and photo spread of Marcellino

Google Primer App Ad

11/1/17 – Featured in an AD for Google's Primer App.

Reflection Magazine Article

August 2016 – Reflection Magazine, Featured Article

Select Life Magazine Article

7/1/16 – Select Life Summer 2016

Pulse Magazine Photoshoot

6/1/16 – Long Island Pulse – Briefcase used in a watch profile

Newsday on B$B Appearance

4/13/16 – Newsday – ‘Billion Dollar Buyer’ makes a deal with LI handbag firm. Here is the print version -

Whitney Interview

4/9/2016 – Whitney Interview Atlantic City Aleia Bag Launch

Handbag Launch GNAC

4/9/2016 – The new women's handbag line called ALEIA was launched at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City. Here is a facebook live video.

Billion Dollar Buyer

4/5/2016 – Marcellino was on the CNBC Billion Dollar Buyer business show season 1 episode 3

Multichannel News Mention

3/10/2016 – twelve entrepreneurs come face face cnbc billion dollar buyer

Gallery North First Prize

9/15/2015 – Won First Place at the prestigious Gallery North 50th Annual Art Show

Gallery North Interview

9/15/2015 – Joe Marcellino Gallery North Interview

Pulse Magazine

4/4/2014 In the print magazine they used a Marcellino Latch leather briefcase for the "Stiff Men Want" section

Newsday Print Article

10/25/2013 – Newsday newspaper printed an article on joe called "Selling The Old Fashioned Way"


6/2/13 – Interview with the Finland’s Men’s classic clothing website Keikari

Newsday Video Interview

10-26-2013 – The Long Island Newspaper Newsday came down to the Huntington Village Retail Store to do an interview with Joe. Here is the video.

Newsday Photoshoot

10-28-2013 – During the Newsday interview the photographer shot these images