Leather Water Protection Wax


  • 4 oz tin of leather feed
  • Ingredients include a blend of quality filtered beeswax, lanolin and other natural oils used to repel water, condition and restore leather
  • No cheaper oils like Mineral / Petroleum or a mixed soup of unwanted animal parts called Neatsfoot. No cheaper waxes like Paraffin, a byproduct of petroleum. These ingredients are used in many commercial Leather Conditioners
  • Remember, what goes on your leather, especially furniture and car interiors comes off on your skin and you inhale into your lungs in small prolonged amounts – stay safe, stay natural
  • Good for all leather, except suede. Apply and buff to a shine.
  • Formulated by a Master leather Craftsman using Quality Ingredients to protect himself from daily use of leather care products, his high-end leathergoods that have a lifetime warranty and his clients health.

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Our Leather protection is made from pure beeswax, lanolin and other natural oils and used to help repel water.