T4 Quick Release Lock

Marcellino T4 Lock Design


It is a quick release lock certified for use on Military and Climbing Gear.

These locks passed tests under harsh condition for Dust, Sand, Salt and Fog. Here are the reports.
The T4 in Stainless Steel or Black Alloy have a Tensile Strength of 2000 to 4000lb for 1 minute

One of the strongest locks that exist with patented technology and manufactured from the AustriaAlpin Company that builds professional Safety, Military, Para-Sport and Mountaineering equipment in the Stubai region of the Austrian Alps.

marcellino-t4-quick-release-ss-3 marcellino-t4-quick-release-black-1

Space X Dragon Capsule


The Dragon was the first commercial spacecraft in history to deliver cargo to the ISS. These AustriaAlpin Quick Release locks are used inside the capsule.


First Space Jump

The AustriaAlpin quick release lock was used when Felix Baumgartner made the first space jump in history from the stratosphere. This is an incredible stunt to watch.

Hollywood Movies

The AustriaAlpin lock not only servers to secure and protect, they are also admired for their beauty, flawless function, fine design and used in movies like Blade, The Avengers, GI Joe, Transformers, Promethius, Judge Dredd and Total Recall.

marcellino-t4-quick-release-blade marcellino-t4-dredd marcellino-t4-quick-release-joe